// October 13th, 2014

THE RETURN OF JACKIE SCOTT! The BLUES BLAST Music Awards are coming to Champaign this month and we urge blues lovers from all over the region to come out for this major international blues event. The show is Thursday, October 23rd at the Fluid Events Center. You can find detailed information at the BLUES BLAST website http://www.bluesblastmagazine.com/bbmas/ . The show features Bobby Rush, Lonnie Brooks, Trudy Lynn, Toronzo Cannon, Frank Bey, Dave Riley with Bob Corritore, Too Slim & the Taildraggers, Josh Hoyer, Brent Johnson, Annie Mack-- and many more. We are hosting two events around the Blues Blast Awards. First, on Wednesday, October 22nd, we are hosting Josh Hoyer at the Clark Bar. Come out for a 6.30 show that night. The show is free, and we will pass the hat. We are very excited that Jackie Scott will be coming for the week, and there will be Jackie Scott with Kilborn Alley show at the Iron Post on Friday night, October 24th. Don't miss this. The 14th Anniversary show with Jackie this April is legendary.

WE'VE GOT A LOT OF GREAT SHOWS IN OCTOBER! We are going back to Knucklehead's to give the fine Kansas City folks a little taste of Bobby Blue Bland, and are going back to the Rock-n-Blues Haus in Manitowoc to see our good Wisconsin friends, and then on to a special show with Sena Ehrhardt and Josh Hoyer in Rochester, Minnesota. It is always a good month when we have an opportunity to play the "Blue Monday" show for the Illinois Central Blues Club in Springfield, Illinois. We are going to play a new bar in Danville, Illinois, the South Street Saloon, and we end the month back in Champaign with a blow-out Halloween party at the Cowboy Monkey with The Curses. Look for us out there, call us to get us in YOUR venue or event.

ED O'HARA, our rocket on drums since 2005, is on a little hiatus from the band to recuperate his hands. Ed is still playing some shows, like the upcoming Wisconsin-Minnesota trip. Aaron "A Train" Wilson is brilliantly filling in on most other shows.

GOIN' BACK EAST in November. We are for sure going to Chan's in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and we'll have details on other shows from the trip-- soon.

BUT WE ARE ALSO GOING SOUTH IN NOVEMBER. We are going to be the backing band for the Mississippi Saxophone Festival in Clarksdale on Saturday, November 8th. This going to be a harp howlin' good time.

WHERE WE BEEN? Glad you asked. We've been to the Cincy Blues Fest, and had a blast. We did the Sunset Concert Series just outside of Louisville. We returned to the Bedford Blues & Brews in Indiana, a really nice fund raiser for the Blue Star Connection that gets musical instruments to seriously ill kids. We got in on the rain at the Rollin' on the River Blues Fest in Keokuk, Iowa, and had an absolute blast at the Shady Nook Festival here in Illinois. We had a perfect night at the Bowlful of Blues in Iowa, and had one of those extra warm & fuzzy homecomings at the WEFT-Fest. We took the Crivitz, Wisconsin Oktoberfest from Polka to boogie stomp in one crazy night. It was our privilege to participate in a memorial show for Wayne Faulkner, a longtime blues event organizer in Winnipeg. We owe more sincere thanks than we can possibly give for this run of big events-- Paul Stumbo, Mike Pender of the South Skunk Blues Society, Jared Shadix, Caroline Johnson, and the Sad Sam Blues Jam, not to mention Trevor & Bob & Marilyn & Cynthia-- and many more. Thanks, and thanks to all of you who come out, because most often it is memories of you we take from these shows.

Josh Stimmel's Blues Blast Magazine interview-- share this with your friends. Here is the link: http://www.bluesblastmagazine.com/featured-interview-josh-stimmel/ . One tiny correction, Kilborn Alley never competed in the International Blues Challenge at any level-- we met Jackie Scott at the Blues Blast Music Awards in Chicago in 2010.

MEDIA PLAY. We are pleased to say that our songs "Breakaway" and "Couple of Days" from the Don Odell's Legends show have each logged over 2,000 views in less than a year. How about we drive "Watch It" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcBXwsPywSQ and "Can I Get a Hello" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM9YGK9Ln9c and "Better Off Now" over that mark real fast? You can do this.

HEY! Tear Chicago Down cds are in. Get a copy or three for all your loved ones next time you see us, or from your local recorded music retailer via Burnside Distributing.

SOMEONE JERKED OUR CHAIN THE OTHER DAY to let us know you can now see the entire "Jubilee: A Celebration of American Music" episode dedicated to our most recent appearance at the 2010 W.C. Handy Blues & Barbecue Festival at Henderson, Kentucky. See this offering from KET at http://www.ket.org/jubilee/program.fwx?programid=JUBI1512 and support this fine American roots music series by asking your PBS stations to run it or keep running it.

YOU WANNA SEE ED singing and playing harp? Check out this video from our December show at Memphis on Main in Champaign, Illinois: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbEkHa_xGjU

SPECIAL THANKS. Years ago in an interview we were asked about our clean traditional guitar sound and never having any effects pedals on stage, and our pithy Josh replied, "We don't play amplifiers, we play guitars." Dude. Well, the fine folks at Big Joe Stomp Box sent Andrew and Josh their "stomp box," and we are really having fun with them. Andrew especially likes to use his to punch up his guitar solos. More cracklin' tube fun for everyone.

WE REMIND our friends in Champaign County that it is time to renew your membership in the Prairie Crossroads Blues Society, and that our friends in Macon should re-up with the Decatur Blues Society, our friends in McLean should join or rejoin the Blues Blowtorch Society, that our friends in Sangamon County need to be sure they are members of the Illinois Central Blues Club, our friends in Peoria and Tazewell counties need to get up to date with the River City Blues Society, and our pals in Kankakee County need to pester James Walker about how they can make a contribution to his amazing "Friends of the Blues."

WEFT-FM (and streaming on-line throughout planet Earth) has blues Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 2 Central Time (US). We are especially drawn to the Tuesday show, usually hosted by our pal Dave Wright, and with frequent guest fill-in, Mr. Andrew Duncanson. It is interesting, given basically a whole room of blues albums to pick from, to see what Andrew plays. Listen to WEFT, try to read the tea leaves of Andrew's inscrutable tastes.

HOPE YOU LOOK AROUND the site, now you are here. The Press page has been spiffed up and now takes you to a bunch of recent reviews, The Media page has downloadable photos, our album covers, song samples, and video links. We are contemplating adding even more. Jessie Gillan, librarian extraordinaire and jill of all honorable trades in Gotham City, makes this possible.

DON'T BE BASHFUL about following us on Twitter, friending us on Facebook, or on Myspace. Myspace is usually the first place we update new shows; it has remained an exceptionally good platform for a band to present itself, even though it has lagged in general use. We can't tell you what this means, but we have over 9,000 Myspace friends, over 102, 000 profile views, and over 58,000 song plays.

CHECK THE SHOWS PAGE, and just check back often to see what we're doing!

DID YOU KNOW, or maybe you knew and forgot, Kilborn Alley Blues Band has a distribution agreement with Burnside Distribution Corporation of Portland, Oregon? What this means is, when you are looking for the four Blue Bella releases, BETTER OFF NOW, TEAR CHICAGO DOWN, and PUT IT IN THE ALLEY have your local records store contact BDC about getting the cds.

. . . it is the music which changes the place from the rear room of a
saloon in back of the yards to a fairy place, a wonderland, a little
corner of the high mansions of the sky.

---Upton Sinclair, The Jungle (1906)

Best Band

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band does gritty Chicago blues and southern fried soul for all the generations of blues lovers. This music speaks for itself; better still, it convinces you to listen.

Andrew Duncanson
- vocals, guitar
Josh Stimmel - guitar
Chris Breen
- electric bass guitar
Ed O'Hara
- drums, vocals

Abraham Johnson - guest vocals
Dave Fauble - guest saxophone

Anthony Decerbo - drums '00
Brian Johnson - harmonica '00
Yasufumi Sono - drums '00
Joe Asselin - harmonica '00 - '09
Jaden Brooks - drums '00 - '05
Will Smith - drums '05
"Deak Harp" - harmonica '09 -'10

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